Animal welfare in Liberia


Liberia is a post war country struggling to recover amidst overwhelming challenges including animal abuse, lack of electricity, high unemployment rate and the recent Ebola crisis that took over 3,000 lives in a country with a very small population of 3.4 millions. More attention is been placed on human development and revitalizing the economy. Liberia has no policy or regulation that protects animals, mainly domestic animals.



In Liberia, animals in general are not that highly regarded among people. The concept of animal welfare and rights is seen in Liberia as a new phenomenon. For centuries, animals have been considered in Liberia as commodities and source of income without regard to their welfare and basic needs. It is a generational issue. Children grow up seeing their parents and other relatives abusing animals and no one give a damn.

In order to make animal welfare a priority issue in our post war country- Liberia— the Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society has been active since the establishment by providing valuable services for animals and people in Liberia. Our services include interactive humane education/animal welfare education programs in schools and communities, free basic veterinary services for animals in need, rescue, rehabilitate and re-home abused and neglected animals, and free plant based diets for school children. These services continue to be essential today and need to be expanded and further strengthened.


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Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society is a grassroots not for profit making animal welfare organization in Liberia that promotes the welfare of animals through interactive humane education programs, basic veterinary services for animals and rescuing and re-homing abused and neglected animals. Click to see author's profile.

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