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Jakarta Animal Aid Network is expressing great concern for the Indonesian animals kept inside zoos. Scattered around the country without any proper legislation regarding their needs of welfare and care.

Animals in Research

Whether she silently took part in skinning and dissecting a companion animal—something that would cause her immense psychological pain—or stood against the practice and further alienated herself from the other students, she was facing trauma either way.


ACTAsia sent out the following Press Release in China with billboard advertising to encourage a Fur Free Life: “Poisons could be slowly killing you and your children. Not through your food or through the air but now through clothing – fur clothing.”


Animal People executive director Wolf Clifton recently traveled Indonesia visiting animal projects, prior to the Asia for Animals 2015 conference in Kuching, Malaysia. Highlights in this entry include: humane education through punk rock and puppetry, the battle to end dog eating in Indonesia, and the best vegan food in Yogyakarta!


Liberia is a post war country struggling to recover amidst overwhelming challenges including animal abuse, lack of electricity, high unemployment rate and the recent Ebola crisis that took over 3,000 lives in a country with a very small population of 3.4 millions.

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