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‘Defending Palestine: Liberating the People, the Land, and Animals’ will not be a traditional conference. It will focus on the shared struggle for land and liberation for all species in occupied Palestine, May 3 through May 6, 2018.


Islam does allow the consumption of meat and animal products, but it accompanies this with a list of strict conditions on how to treat the animals ethically and prevent their suffering as much as possible. It also does not prohibit veganism or consider it a sin. Thus, everyone has the complete freedom to choose a vegan diet and abstain from eating meat.

Companion Animals

A Maryland man was arrested on animal cruelty charges last week after he left his maggot-infested dog outside to die, reported The Washington Post. Events like this cry for an explanation, but no easy explanations are possible nor forthcoming. We are forced to dig deeper to reveal the diverse forces that made this poor animal’s fate a foregone conclusion.


For more than a decade and with many others, I have been trying to think through the multiple entanglements between human and non-human joys and suffering. Our thinking about human issues necessarily involves thinking about animal issues. Similarly, considering animals expands our understanding of the world around us including some of the most pressing issues at hand, such as climate change, food justice, racial violence, and colonial legacies of dispossession and environmental degradation.