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November trees,
Naked in their beauty.
Graceful bare arms
Reaching for the still-warm sun


As more of Southeast Asia’s natural forests are cleared and converted into plantations for growing oil palm, rubber and other tree crops, a Duke University-led study finds that 42 percent of species endemic to the region’s forests face a much higher risk of extinction from habitat loss than previously thought.


You may think that by taking organic weed you’re being kind to yourself and the environment. How could smoking organic pot be cruel? The answer is in the soil, or more specifically, in the soil amendments, which often contain blood, bones, and feathers from slaughtered animals.


In little hidden places
The red fox and rabbit only know
Live the tiny forest flowers.
Mayflowers, foam flowers,
Star flowers, wood sorrel…


Logging and slash-and-burn agriculture have dramatically altered Madagascar’s forests, but just how much of the island was forested before people got there remains a matter of debate. An analysis of mouse lemur DNA suggests that humans did not arrive to find Madagascar as tree-covered as frequently assumed.


Yes, there is beauty
Enormity of beauty and truth.
But there is immense pain and suffering.
The wind and the clouds
And the rain
Bring messages, you know…


Once upon a time, there was a little Christmas tree. He lived in a forest with his family and all his friends, the birds and the squirrels, the raccoons and the deer and the bears. He couldn’t wait to grow tall and touch the stars and the sky as his father did…

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