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Yes, there is beauty
Enormity of beauty and truth.
But there is immense pain and suffering.
The wind and the clouds
And the rain
Bring messages, you know…


Jakarta Animal Aid Network is expressing great concern for the Indonesian animals kept inside zoos. Scattered around the country without any proper legislation regarding their needs of welfare and care.


“A fish” – they cried,
“We caught a fish.”
Stocky little cruel faces,
Alive with the excitement
Of the kill…


Swim deep, little seal
Man is here
Here with his nets and his clubs
Your ballet of grace means nothing to him
Dive to the sunless sea and do not return…

Africa Cat living at Norbulingka, a Tibetan community which runs an all-vegetarian hotel. (Photo credit: Eva, used under CC BY-ND 2.0)

The ethical traveler now needs to take decisions that change the world. To decide where to go for their holidays. And if they decide not to go to a particular state and country, to actually let the travel agency and country know why they are not going.

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