Conditions of Animals in Indonesian Zoos


Jakarta Animal Aid Network is expressing great concern for the Indonesian animals kept inside zoos. Scattered around the country without any proper legislation regarding their needs of welfare and care.

Throughout 2015, JAAN received 67 reports about 11 different zoos.

The worst three cases were:


In Banyuwangi, an adult orangutan and a sub adult male orangutan were observed kept inside a cage their own size, unable to move around. The enclosure ‘wasn’t strong enough’ to house them properly. We received reports about these orangutans from three different sources in a 4 month time frame, meaning that they have been and might likely still be kept under this inhumane condition.

Dolphin Travel Shows

Dolphins continue to be exploited and abused inside travel shows operating in Java, owned by two companies: Wersut Seguni Indonesia and Taman Safari Indonesia. The dolphins are transported by truck from city to city and suffer tremendously.

Medan Zoo

In Medan Zoo, the animals have no access to fresh drinking water, and some don’t have access to any water at all. Many social animals such as primates are kept in isolation and some serious medical conditions lacking treatment were observed.

A very detailed blog made by Wildlife photographer Craig Jones is sharing all cruelty conditions observed inside Medan Zoo:

The Zoo in Lampung also ‘scored’ very low in animal welfare. Most animals had no access to drinking water and there was not enough space for them.

Surely the situation for the tens of orangutans in Ragunan Zoo still awaits serious attention from the authorities as well. While in Argentina orangutans have been granted Human Rights, in their home country they are far from any rights given.

Despite these poor conditions and management of captive wildlife, yet more zoos are opened. More wildlife is taken from the wild to be held captive for entertainment; a new zoo is planned to open in Lombok in 2016 and dolphins are planned to be added to the collection of animals in Taman Safari Bali.

Applying for a zoo permit is far too easy as there are still no proper and detailed regulations to monitor the welfare of the animals kept inside these zoos. In fact, these zoos often receive endangered and protected wildlife species obtained through confiscations as well, to be cared for in their collections. These animals are supposed to be rehabilitated and released back to their original habitat. It shows a clear mismanagement and interest of wildlife. It also shows the need for strict regulations and enforcement to improve the welfare of captive wildlife.

(Featured image: orangutan at Bali Zoo, photo credit Wolf Clifton – Animal People, Inc.)

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