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World Animal Net (WAN) was established in 1997 to improve communication and coordination among the world’s animal protection groups. We offer resources, advice, and networking opportunities for animal protection organizations across the world to strengthen the impact of their work for animals. Today WAN is the world’s largest network of animal protection societies with over 3,000 affiliates in more than 100 countries and Consultative Status at the United Nations. WAN works from offices in the United States, United Kingdom, The Netherlands and South Africa. Click to see author's profile.

Animals in Research

A few weeks ago, news broke that the U.S. government would retire all 50 chimpanzees it was holding in reserve “in case” of need for them in the future as research subjects. This victory comes as the result of a campaign spanning many years and which would not have been possible without the collaboration, cooperation, and joint advocacy of numerous animal protection groups, both small and large, nationwide.

Current Events

Legal advancements for animals can often come at a painfully slow pace. But recently, we couldn’t help but notice how many wins and promising animal law-related news items kept coming in.