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Chikitito is the online "handle" of Patrice Greanville, longtime activist for animal rights and social change, and current publisher of Animal People Forum. Click to see author's profile.


Fascism is distinguished for its unilateral proclamations of superiority by a certain race or breed, endowing said race with the “right” to dominate, exploit, and annihilate at will any group deemed “inferior.” If that doesn’t describe eloquently our despicable behavior toward non-human animals, I don’t know what does.

Companion Animals

A Maryland man was arrested on animal cruelty charges last week after he left his maggot-infested dog outside to die, reported The Washington Post. Events like this cry for an explanation, but no easy explanations are possible nor forthcoming. We are forced to dig deeper to reveal the diverse forces that made this poor animal’s fate a foregone conclusion.