Rescued Dog Demonstrates the Power of Love

Soi Dog Foundation received a call one day about a badly-injured dog. Nothing unusual there, it was one of several such calls that day alone. But the call about Aleeno was different. And as the caller spoke, a devastating love story emerged.


Racing Greyhounds Exported to China May Meet Horrendous Fates

Footage from a meat market in China has increased concerns about the fates of Irish racing greyhounds who end up in the country, which has no nationwide animal welfare laws. Organizations are calling for Ireland to ban the export of greyhounds to China.


Malaysia’s Tigers in Dire Straits

There will be devastating global consequences for tigers now that China is lifting the ban on tiger bones for use in traditional Chinese medicine. In a battle between the tigers and large-scale, state-sanctioned economic interests, the animal’s fate looks desperately perilous.


The Question of Animal Sentience and Consciousness

Often discussions of our moral responsibilities to animals hinge on the question of consciousness. The Sentience Institute makes the surprising argument that consciousness doesn’t exist, and argues instead for the concept of sentience.

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