My Life with Animals: Memoir by a Friend of Animals (free download)


Most of my life has been spent with and for animals. Animals fascinate me and I have always observed them without preconceived ideas about them. They taught me much about the mystery of life and about myself. I have a deep reverence for animals, be it small or big ones, wild or domesticated ones, cold-blooded or warm-blooded ones, insects, birds, or mammals. They are all wonderful creatures; I feel privileged to have spent so much of my life with them.

There was always a spontaneous urge in me to do whatever possible to alleviate the pain and distress of animals and provide them with living conditions that foster their well-being. Developing a mutually trusting relationship with them not only has been a deeply touching experience, but it also is the foundation upon which I interact with them. Mutual trust is the energy vibration that allows us to communicate with animals and understand their unspoken needs for physical and emotional well-being.

This book was written without any special intention. Maybe it will inspire readers to see the beauty in animals and feel their inherent connectedness with them. That would make me happy!

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