Asia For Animals responds to Chinese police officer’s cruelty against chained dog


Letter addressed to:

Mr. Du Jiahao
Party Secretary of Hunan Provincial
Communist Party Committee,
Hunan Provincial Committee of Communist Party Committee,
1 North Shaoshan Road, Furong District,
Changsha, Hunan Province,
The People’s Republic of China


3rd February 2018


Dear Mr. Du Jiahao, Party Secretary of Hunan Provincial Communist Party Committee,


We are writing on behalf of the Asia for Animals Coalition, representing international animal welfare and conservation organisations. We express our deep concerns with regards to the recent actions of Changsha police officer who on 31st December 2017 was filmed and photographed repeatedly beating and bludgeoning to death a golden retriever dog who was chained up outside a building. We collectively express our strongest condemnation of this display of abhorrent cruelty by a law enforcement officer, and call for urgent action to be taken to ensure that China’s authorities nationwide are fully and properly trained in global best practice humane dog handling techniques and protocols so that appalling cruelty such as this will never happen again.


The Asia for Animals coalition shares the position of millions of people in China and around the world in condemning such brutal and inappropriate police treatment of this dog, not least because the animal was chained up and therefore posed no immediate danger to the public, and because the violent episode took place in a public space.


Urban animal management is a highly professional and skilled discipline, and we encourage Changsha, and other cities throughout China, to look at the progress of those such as Dalian, Nanjing, Zhuzhou and others where public dog culls have become history, and where so-called “problem” dogs are handled professionally, humanely and in accordance with established protocols. We understand there are some as yet unsubstantiated claims that the dog in Changsha may have bitten some people. However, that in no way justifies the brutal and sustained attack that this poor animal endured.


As a coalition, we have always supported China’s actions to improve and modernize animal management practices, but on this occasion, the police officer’s action was completely unacceptable. This action has hurt not just the reputation of the local law enforcement agency, but also that of China nationally.

亚洲动物联盟一贯支持中国在动物管理方面取得的进步和采取的现代举措。 但是这一次,这位警官的做法难于服人。他的行为不仅损害了当地执法机构的名声,更损害了中国的国家形象。

As a country with a rapidly growing pet-owning population, and growing awareness of – and concern for – animal welfare, we encourage humane and holistic approaches to companion animal management.


Collectively, our animal protection group members have extensive experience and expertise in urban animal management, and we are committed to offering assistance to the Changsha Police Department in its efforts to improve and develop animal management protocols in line with society’s needs.


We look forward to hearing your response regarding this urgent matter.


Sent on behalf of the following organisations:


  1. Animal Guardians 动物守护神 (美国)
  2. Animal People 动物人(美国)
  3. ACRES  新加坡关心动物研究与教育协会
  4. Blue Cross of India 印度蓝十字协会
  5. Born Free Foundation 生而自由基金会 (英国)
  6. Change for Animals Foundation 为动物改变基金会 (新加坡)
  7. Elephant Aid International 国家大象救助组织
  8. Humane Society International 国际人道对待动物协会 (美国)
  9. International Animal Rescue 国际动物救援组织
  10. Jane Goodall Institute Nepal 珍·古道尔研究会尼泊尔中心
  11. Philippine Animal Welfare Society 菲律宾动物福利协会
  12. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Sarawak, Malaysia 马来西亚砂拉越州防止虐待动物学会

Featured image: Chained dog in China. Credit Tauno Tõhk / 陶诺, used under CC BY-SA 2.0

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