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The Dog Field Care Manual, written by Harrell Graham, covers wound treatment; treatment of both internal parasites such as worms and external parasites such as mange; emergency response to poisoning; and avoidance of rabies. Each topic is reviewed in depth and detail, recommending crisis care that almost anyone can give when the nearest veterinarian is many miles and hours away. The manual was recently revised in October 2017 to include the latest medical information.

Graham compiled The Dog Field Care Manual from his own rescue experience, in consultation with sympathetic veterinarians from around the world. Asks Graham, “Have you ever seen a sick or mangy dog and found yourself saying, ‘I wish there was something I could do to help that poor creature?’ Are you an expatriate living in a second or third world country where these sick and wounded animals are everywhere?

“This manual will show you how you can spend some time outside helping man’s best friend and at the same time get to know your community, meet people, and make your life more interesting and meaningful. It doesn’t require a lot: a handful of readily available medicines, plus some dry dog food.

“The satisfaction that comes from watching a mite-infected, sick and possibly hairless dog gain his strength and beauty back over a period of just a few weeks is hard to beat.”

Much of Graham’s advice will help rescuers anywhere. Even where veterinarians are plentiful and accessible during business hours, there is not always a clinic open all night when one finds a dog in distress, and even if such a clinic exists, emergency treatment may be necessary before the dog is moved.

The Dog Field Care Manual is not meant to substitute for veterinary care,  even in remote regions of the developing world.

Download the Dog Field Care Manual for free!

Featured image: dogs in Ethiopia. Credit Efrem Legesse.

Originally published in Animal People News, July-August 2013. First published on the Animal People Forum on December 7th, 2015. Updated November 8th, 2017 to showcase October 2017 edition of the Dog Care Field Manual.

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