Animals suffering at Huzhou Lotus Village Park, says AfA coalition


Letter addressed to:

Wang Shihu
Division Head
Forestry Public Security of Huzhou Forestry Bureau
No. 451, Huancheng West Road
Huzhou, Zhejiang


April 2017


Dear Wang Shihu,


We are writing on behalf of the Asia for Animals Coalition, representing international animal welfare and conservation organisations. We express our deep concern with regards to the suffering of animals at Huzhou Lotus Village Park.


Reports circulating via Weibo have documented conditions that are causing animals to suffer. Several animals are clearly being held under unacceptable living conditions. Some of the animals had no visible access to water, and no attempt had been made to provide features which would allow them to express any of their natural behaviours. In many cases the living environments are so limited in space that improving them would be almost impossible.


  1. Size of Enclosures: Animals are kept in cages too small to meet even their most basic physiological or behavioural needs.


  1. Unhygienic conditions: Animals appear physically dirty due to the unhygienic conditions they are forced to live within.


  1. Lack of furnishings: Many of the cages are lacking any furnishings, platforms or opportunities for resting and climbing, which are essential for the well-being of many of the animals housed at the facility.


  1. Lack of social contact: Social animals such as the wolf are housed alone. Depriving a social animal of the appropriate social contact that it requires is known to cause significant stress.


  1. Inappropriate flooring: Animals are housed on concrete. This has the potential to create numerous health issues. Concrete quickly accumulates urine, feces, and food waste. Continuously standing and lying on hard flooring can promote pressure sores, arthritis and other sources of joint pain. These substrates also conduct heat, making them hot in the summer months and conducive to bacteria breeding.


  1. Poor water quality: An alligator is housed in a dark enclosure in dirty water.



The conditions described present a risk to the animals’ health and welfare and require immediate attention.


In the short term, we recommend that the enclosures be cleaned, and that the animals be provided with regular substrates such as straw and hay to allow a degree of comfort within their enclosures. In the long term, we recommend that the animals be removed from the zoo and placed into the care of a facility that has the ability and the resources to provide for their complex physical and behavioural needs.


On behalf of our members globally, we support the initial action taken by your department to instruct the owner to improve the facility, but we appeal to you further to close this facility on the basis that the owner will not be able to meet the needs of these animals without a significant investment in resources.


Sent on behalf of the following organisations:


  1. Animal Guardians 动物守护神
  2. Animal People 动物公民
  3. ACRES 动物关注研究和教育社团
  4. Blue Cross of India 印度蓝十字会
  5. Change for Animals Foundation 为动物改变基金会
  6. Earth Island Institute 地球岛屿协会
  7. Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations 印度动物保护组织联盟
  8. Humane Society International 美国国际人道对待动物协会
  9. International Animal Rescue 国际动物援救
  10. Philippine Animal Welfare Society 菲律宾动物福利协会
  11. Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals 英国皇家防止虐待动物协会
  12. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Hong Kong 香港爱护动物协会
  13. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Sarawak 沙捞越防止虐待动物协会
  14. World Animal Protection 世界动物保护协会

Copied to:


Qian Sanxiong
Acting Mayor
Municipal Centre, No.666 Renhuangshan Road
The People’s Republic of China

代市长:    钱三雄

Che Jun
No. 1 Building, No 8,
Shengfu Road,
Hangzhou, Zhejiang
The People’s Republic of China


Mr Zheng
Secretary General
China Association of Zoological Gardens
No.6009, Building C, No.13 of San Lihe Road
The People’s Republic of China
Tel: 010- 88082188

电话:010- 88082188

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