The Unseen Suffering of Dogs in Indian Laboratories


While many animal rights activists rescue, treat and rehabilitate countless dogs, some atrocities to ‘man’s best friend’ remain unheard of. One major example is the use of thousands of dogs for experimentation in around 15 laboratories across India. They are bred to suffer bitter pain until death, in the name of human welfare and health. Many pain killers, pesticides, drugs, deodorants, air fresheners, fumigants, repellents, roll-ons, hair sprays and heart valves have all been tested by way of horrific experiments on animals!

“Dogs used in toxicity testing die when they are forced to inhale toxic fumes of the test substance or when they succumb to the drug / agrochemical (chemicals which are in reality just poisons used to kill weeds, insects, fungi, etc.) force fed to them. Yet others linger on in sub- chronic and chronic tests as their bodies battle the poison of the test substance given in low doses for months on end. Helpless and defenseless, with no relief from the bitter pain they are forced to endure, they cower on the cold floor in laboratories, cringing in fear for the next dose to come.”

If this makes you cringe, you will be astonished by the other cruel facts exposed in this eye opening blog post about testing on dogs written by Shiranee Pereira, one of the leading campaigners against animal experimentation in India.

The problem today is that there are still not enough people who speak up about grave issues like this. Not because we are lacking in our compassion, but because we simply lack awareness of the suffering of these animals. If we do not take action now, generation after generation of these innocent dogs will face the same fate as their forerunners.

Let us pledge today that their cries will not go unheard anymore, and their suffering will not go unseen anymore.

You can make a difference by joining the Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA) by filling out this form.

To join the “Sound of Silence Campaign” and say “NO” to the use of dogs in testing, go to

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