Tails Wagging as Tides Change for Street Dogs in Kerala!


It is immensely gratifying to see the promising change in the tides of the Rabies Free Kerala Movement. This is in line with the launch of the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organizations’ recent study, ‘It’s A Dog’s Life’, which further encourages our continual efforts of effectively implementing scientific solutions to manage the human-dog conflict in Kerala.

Apart from garnering support from 12 NGOs, Suchitwa Kerala Mission, Indian Veterinary Association and Zila Panchayats [local leaders]of many districts, Rabies Free Kerala has also received immense support in the past few months, with local authorities, political leaders, influencers and more NGOs coming together to ensure that there is a harmonious dog-human relationship. The Minister for Urban Development and MLA Kattakada, along with municipal corporations of Calicut, Kollam, Kannur, and Palakkad too have joined the movement, growing it into a revolution in the last 2 months! With the collective efforts of the aforementioned, Rabies Free Kerala has witnessed tremendous on-ground activity towards dog bite prevention education, sterilisation and vaccination of street dogs. Read more about it in the official Rabies Free Kerala Progress Report.

Another triumph for the movement is the result of our study to understand the public’s perception of street dogs in Kerala, conducted between January and February 2017, with respondents between the ages of 18-35 from 4 districts in Kerala (Palakkad, Trivandrum, Ernakulam, and Kottaayam). The key findings of the study are:

  • 82% of the respondents said that street dogs are just like all other animals who can feel pain and suffer
  • 84% of people thought that street dogs can be wonderful pets
  • 85% expected the Kerala State Government to take up ABC-AR and dog bite prevention awareness


You can read the complete report by clicking here: It’s A Dog’s Life.

After extensively working with local NGOs and municipal corporations to raise awareness about sterilization, the only scientific and humane choice for animal population control, we are extremely pleased to see state wide acceptance and regard for Rabies Free Kerala, including tolerance and acceptance of street dogs. The fruits have been borne, and everyone can see the positive results of our systematic focus on implementation of the ABC programme in the state! We hope that more and more municipal corporations will take the lead in this uprising.

You too can be a part of the movement! Ask the Kerala State Government to implement Animal Birth Control and Anti-Rabies Vaccination ProgrammesClick here

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