Crisis in Venezuela for Cats and Dogs


In Venezuela, we are going through the worst moment in our history. There is an economic, social and political crisis right now, and very soon it will turn into a humanitarian crisis. Venezuelans are bearing with an accumulated inflation rate of more than 1500%. Basic products for people’s daily life (rice, milk, sugar, flour, soap or shampoo, etc.,) have vanished.

Of course pet products too, especially cats products, have also been strongly affected by this. There is no way to get cat food, and if you can find it, a 3 kg package (7 lb) equates to more than a month of a minimum salary.

Initially, I tried feeding my cats with dry dog food for puppies. I did not know it was damaging for cats, and it caused the death of 2 of my cats (and a lot of cats across the country). Dog food produces urinary stones and even liver damage in felines. I was not aware of this, or else I would have never fed them dog food.

img-20160220-wa0033I rescue stray cats and, up until now, I have been able to find forever homes for them. This has become really difficult due to the situation. I’m not a shelter, but I just can’t sit without doing something. I wish I could do more – I would love to help dogs as well but I don’t have the space they need.

My dream is to open a shelter for cats and dogs alike. A place where they are safe and well fed. The streets are no place for them. Abandoned pets don’t know what to do on the streets; they are defenseless.

Animals are innocent, they do not deserve this and they don’t even understand what is happening. My goal is to help abandoned pets the most I can. Sadly, animals are always overlooked, even more in circumstances like these.

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