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As a charity, ACTAsia believes that the best way to put an end to animal cruelty is through education. Far too many people are unaware that their lifestyle and consumer choices are the driving force behind some appalling treatment of animals – whether in fur production, Chinese medicine or fashion.

In a groundbreaking new approach to ending this worldwide animal cruelty, ACTAsia turned to the experts. Top advertising copywriters and award winning graphic designers and animators were briefed to come up with an idea that could appeal to both adults and children – which could explain some complex ideas and thoughts.

Shooting took place in China over an extended period and in many locations, using state of the art cameras, drones and techniques.  Character voices were recorded with several children, the same age as the target group.

UNESCO-pillars-e1469518968769The finished result is also modular, with each of the five sections available as a standalone piece. Five learning areas are covered: The Web of Life, Sentient Beings, Respect & Responsibility, Friendly Interactions and Compassion & Empathy.  These are the five learning areas that make up ACTAsia’s Caring for Life Education (CLE) and become the foundations for one of UNESCO’s Four Pillars of Learning – Learning to Live Together.

ACTAsia’s Caring for Life Education (CLE) introduces new ways of thinking to young students and their teachers, across China, through a model curriculum, which can be adapted and used in kindergartens, summer camps, primary schools and more.

Teachers are trained through workshops as Humane Educators and offered valuable experience and resources to guide them through the Caring for Life Education.

For more information on CLE, click here.

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Through education, we promote compassion for animals, kindness towards people and respect for the environment in China and throughout Asia. Click to see author's profile.

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