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At the start of our tenth anniversary year, we are proud to review the progress ACTAsia has made in 2015. Our work has touched the lives of so many people and animals, and made a resoundingly positive impact on the environment. As we reach towards the next generation of children, vets, teachers and consumers, we are sure that by supporting the act of compassion, compassion is beginning to speak for itself.

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ACTAsia’s Caring for Life Education (CLE) has now reached a groundbreaking 36,000 students through 100 schools to date.

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We have also trained more than 800 teachers as humane educators – these are professional teachers who will reach thousands of students over the lifetime of their careers. Caring for Life Education (CLE) has yielded impressive results through its evaluation, proving that our course influences children to be more compassionate, and decreases aggression and disruptive behaviors.

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There are so many anecdotes that demonstrate the remarkable impact our program is making, such as the case of Baobao, the rescued dog, and heartwarming feedback of behavioral changes from parents and teachers.

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ACTAsia is the first educational organisation to be awarded by the Government as one of the 10 most influential organisations in China – Find out why here. We have a pioneering approach to stopping the Yulin Dog Meat Festival – and we made a video to tell you about it and how you can help us!

In 2015 Vets Beyond Borders (VBB) reviewed current veterinary trainers, their assistants and their clinics in China and trained additional professionals.

Since 2009 we have trained 792 vets across China (492 trained directly by VBB and 300 through our China Trainers).

All these numbers translate into thousands of animals receiving better veterinary care, strengthened cooperation between the veterinary and NGO communities and increased Responsible Pet Ownership guidance to owners.

  • Publication of the Trainer Vet Guidelines in Chinese – a document providing guidelines and a structure for trainers certified by VBB to deliver comprehensive training sessions to other vets.
  • Publication of the Trainee Vet Manual in Chinese (250+ pages) – a compilation of veterinary reference materials, charts and procedures related to the skills and welfare standards required to conduct successful spay/neuter operations in a clinical setting. It also provides other useful resources that are related to general practice.
  • Creation and dubbing of audio/visual materials such as online videos to facilitate veterinary knowledge.


After the success of the first Cruelty Free Fashion Show in 2014, we were delighted that our 2015 event was even more glamorous and popular! Many Chinese and International designers participated and celebrities attended to support our cause, and the estimated media reach was 170 million viewers and readers – for a small taste of the excitement, see our video.Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 13.30.46

‘Toxic chemicals found in fur clothing threaten human health’ conclude various European studies. This year our Fur Free Life campaign focused on these threats, exposing yet another reason to avoid fur clothing. Read the article we released in China.

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Screenings of the German documentary Die Wahrheit uber Pelz” (The Truth about fur) with Chinese subtitles have been held in various major cities and welcomed by the attending citizens.

We used billboards in Beijing Underground and pedestrian subways to publicize our Fur Free Life campaign, and the advertising company gave us additional space for free to support our work.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 13.36.33To add to all the project work above, we are excited to inform you that we are setting up our very own office in Zhongshan Guangdong, China and currently registering as a charity in Australia too!

We celebrate with you this successful year, our 10th birthday and all that you have helped us achieve!
Thank you all for your support and we hope that we can continue to make outstanding changes to the lives of people and animals in Asia for at least another 10 years – together!

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