Author Charisha Florence Fraser

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Animals in Research

Have you ever seen the rays of the sun seep through the cracks of the trees and their leaves in a forest? That was who she was, a ray of hope through the challenges placed before me. Who was she? A horse used in the name of ‘science’, but rejected once she became ‘useless’. Broken, hurt and lost.


I picked up the cat, now named Bells, and told her that we would fix her. She looked at me with those sad eyes and did not retaliate when I placed her into the pet carrier. Who on earth would do such a thing to a cat? Yes you had the guts, but how in the world does one manage to have the heart?

Companion Animals

Walking down the aisle of the kennels I realized that my feet were walking towards your enclosure. There you were, sitting all by yourself staring at me. I came in and sat with you. I knew that we would be friends that instant. Your beautiful long coat with that long muzzle. Those brown eyes that spoke a thousand words.


Just me hunting for shots with my camera while the whole family walked ahead of me. I paused for every movement made by the macaques.