K9s For Warriors: Together We Stand

The organization K9s For Warriors takes shelter dogs who would have otherwise been euthanized and trains them to become service dogs for post 9/11 veterans suffering from PTSD. They have saved the lives of over 800 shelter dogs.


POETRY: Mother of the Free

A poem inspired by the harrowing footage of animal abuse in UK slaughterhouses seen in the documentary ‘Land of Hope and Glory.’


Night at the Circus: A Short Story

Three friends visit a circus to try and rescue a great eagle stolen from a ‘savage’ tribe, in this excerpt from an upcoming children’s fantasy novel inspired by real-world mistreatment of animals.


Lemurs become the most endangered group of mammals on Earth

The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources released a statement on August 1st, according to which 95% of the world lemur population is “on the verge of extinction,” making them the “most threatened primates on Earth.”


Service and Support Dogs: Welfarism versus Rights

Do we have a right to keep dogs and other animals in service for physical and emotional support? The issue comes down to the longstanding welfare versus rights debate within animal protection.


The Ethical Cost of Killing for Conservation

Someday in the future, a population of rabbits on a distant archipelago might be something people would marvel at. The focus of conservation should be on promoting environmental stability rather than attempting to reintroduce or eliminate particular species.


Ross University: Humane veterinary skills training without harmful animal use

It may be surprising to learn that a large component of most veterinary training involves harmfully using animals. These animals are used as models for learning various veterinary procedures, many of which are highly invasive and potentially painful. The animals used are often killed at the end of practice surgeries.


Animal Rights Law and the Pursuit of Nonhuman Personhood

While securing legal protections for animals has always been a top priority for activists, the Nonhuman Rights Project is leading a novel approach toward animal rights law, as director Kevin Schneider explains in this special interview.

Animal News Stories from Around the Web

In recent years, major news outlets have started taking note of the animal movement, and including coverage of animal rights, welfare, and conservation issues on a near-daily basis. Check out our curated selection of top stories from around the world, updated daily.


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