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BOOK: ‘A Right to Live,’ A Story of Rescue and Courage in Remembering

Why did this book take me so long to write? Because it is the real thing. It is based on what I have seen in animal rescue and it took me so long to put it in writing because I often didn’t have the courage to remember… to remember the pain my rescues had gone through, and what it took to get them back on their feet.


He who says speciesism says fascism (revised)

Fascism is distinguished for its unilateral proclamations of superiority by a certain race or breed, endowing said race with the “right” to dominate, exploit, and annihilate at will any group deemed “inferior.” If that doesn’t describe eloquently our despicable behavior toward non-human animals, I don’t know what does.


Temperature Helps Drive the Emergence of Different Personalities in Spiders

Like people, animals have personalities. And their personalities differ, sometimes hugely, on traits like shyness and aggressiveness. Now researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have uncovered an unexpected benefit of these personalities: to protect societies from extreme temperature changes.


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