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Guardian of the Forest
Some say Creator of Mankind.
What do you think
About the destruction of your forests?


Does God Demand Sacrifice? The Muslim Case for a Bloodless Eid

On September 12th, Muslims around the world will celebrate the Eid al Adha by ritually slaughtering animals. But is animal sacrifice actually required by Islam? A number of Muslim scholars argue that ritual slaughter as practiced today is unnecessary and possibly even haram (forbidden).


What Are We Doing ?

I picked up the cat, now named Bells, and told her that we would fix her. She looked at me with those sad eyes and did not retaliate when I placed her into the pet carrier. Who on earth would do such a thing to a cat? Yes you had the guts, but how in the world does one manage to have the heart?


Profanity Peak Wolf Massacre, and the Profane History of Human Tyranny

Wildlife officials are currently killing off a grey wolf pack in Washington state for preying on livestock. Underlying the Profanity Peak wolf massacre is the toxic ideology of human tyranny over nature, which must be exposed and overcome to avoid catastrophe for humans and non-human animals alike.


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