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  • When Culpeper County, Virginia student Brynnan Grimes found out she had to skin and cut up a cat as part of a human anatomy class, she took her protest of the antiquated teaching method seriously.

    “We were told […]

    • Thank you so much for your kindness and bravery. I protested cat dissection in my high school 20 years ago and was bullied by both teachers and students for it. Back then, the school principal was the highest authority I could go to, and he basically gave me a “thanks, but no thanks” attitude.
      Nowadays, compassionate students have the entire world at their fingertips and have so many more opportunities than I did. I wish you the best and we can finally end this cruel ritual once and for all.

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  • This Sunday, February 21, 2016, I will be joining Smithfield Pig Save during their monthly vigil, in which they “bear witness as six-month-old pigs end their short life journey at the Smithfield Foods […]

    • I wonder how future generations will regard the ruins of modern slaughterhouses? As reminders of an era in which incalculable billions of highly sentient creatures were subjected to miserable lives and tortuous deaths, to satisfy humans’ demand for products they did not need, probably as places of fear haunted by vengeful spirits and shameful memories. Even after the evil has ceased, will any religious ritual ever be able to sanctify such polluted ground?

      • Very good points, Wolf. I certainly hope that future generations will be kinder and smarter than we are. When I used to walk the trails in Smithfield, the park was beautiful, but it was most often overhung by the stench of burning pig skin. The town is adorable, with painted pig statues everywhere, like they are revered…when the opposite is really the case.

  • Thanks to the overwhelming support of Americans on the petition against cat dissection in the high school classroom—now at 103,000 signatures—Brynnan and I were invited to discuss our position on a Cha […]

  • Did you know that all across the country high school students are expected to skin and cut up cats in the classrooms?

    High School Students. The very same ones who are more interested in who’s dating who and w […]

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  • When my daughter Brynnan transferred to Culpeper High School in Virginia this year, she was excited that they offered an anatomy class. She wanted to learn more about the human body and how it worked, but her […]

    • How horrible! Even among examples of animal cruelty, this stands out as especially horrifying, partly because it coerces children into participating and undoubtedly serves to traumatize and desensitize them to animal suffering… even that of their beloved companions. Do you know how they obtain the cats used for dissection? Are they lab animals? Culled strays? Bought from shelters with high kill rates? In any case, you and Brynnan have our support and admiration for taking a stand, and we will share your petition widely!

      • I couldn’t agree more, Wolf. I was horrified when she told me! It’s like serial killer training class. From what I’ve read they seem to be sold from shelters after death…which I also find especially disrespectful. These poor cats never got a chance to have a good life, and are even disrespected in death. BUT, I have a hard time believing there couldn’t be something more insidious at play as well.

        • Here’s some good information from PETA about classroom dissection and where different types of animals are sourced from:

          Animals Used in Education

          We shared and promoted your story on the AP Forum Facebook page. It’s sponsored through January 4th, so your petition should be getting a lot of traffic in the next couple of weeks!

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