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I was born in Athens on 1986, I obtain a BSc on Mathematics and an MSc on Biodiversity Conservation with a thesis of specialization on the use of crossing structures by bears and other mammals in Northern Western Greece.

I have worked as a (volunteer) animal caretaker in many environmental organizations in Greece (with marine turtles, seals and wild birds) and abroad (with monkeys & small mammals).

On 2015, I also got involved in the humanitarian sector thus I worked as a volunteer for 5 months, in Lesvos and Athens in order to help during the refugee crisis, in a level of individual activism. This experience gave me the opportunity after a year to work for an International Humanitarian Organization as a camp coordinator in a refugee camp in Attica, a cooperation which was not fruitful and didn’t last, for ethical reasons.

I am dreaming of a world in which people will not be selectively empathetic and activists who fight against racism, sexism & homophobia will be also fighting against speciesism with the same passion.

trying to achieve this, I set up a personal blog:



an educative online platform:


– which’s Greek version hosts articles written by other people as well, and many Greek translations of English articles, mostly academic but others as well. Through that, I hope that people who want to change can get the information needed in order to do a transition to an ethical way of living.

There you can find gathered all documentaries, movies, bloggers, vloggers, books and other info, in relation to animal ethics, speciesism, ecology and veganism.


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Animal agriculture, Animals in research, Animal ethics and philosophy, Conservation, Veganism, Spay and neuter, Food production, Environmentalism, Dogs, Cats, Wild animals, Marine animals, Mammals, Human rights / social justice