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Animals in Research

If you have ever arrived home to be greeted by a wagging tail, you might already know how awesome life with pets can be. But it’s not only the love and companionship that we get from them; pets can be great for our health too.

Animals in Entertainment

A ride on a horse-drawn vehicle might at first appear to be a romantic, nostalgic journey to a bygone era when cars and buses were absent. However, this industry is actually fraught with potentially serious problems for both animal welfare and public safety.


Various studies and statistics have demonstrated a strong link between animal cruelty and other violent crimes, such as domestic abuse and homicide. The report aims to increase awareness of that link among law enforcement officers and equip them with tools to more effectively address animal abuse.

Australia & Pacific Islands

You may not know about the cruel practice, where sheep undergo a removal of parts of their skin in order to prevent a parasitic infection called flystrike. A vast majority of people use wool on a daily basis, probably without realizing that most of it comes from Australia, where mulesing is fully legal and considered normal.


Tigers in India have been under threat for hundreds of years, and by the year 1971, their population had dropped to 1800. Though hunting tigers is outlawed today, they continue to be threatened by human activities, such as habitat encroachment, illegal poaching, and government-sanctioned killing of tigers deemed to be “man-eaters.”

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