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They slip quietly into extinction
Little fragile ones,
Dusky seaside sparrows,
Mission blue butterflies.
Great peaceful giants,
Elephants, whales…


In Ukraine’s current economic situation, people can’t afford to take care of animals. Our work includes providing medical aid for people’s pets, rescuing wild animals from private zoos, rehabilitating wildlife, and sterilizing and vaccinating stray dogs and cats in the country.

Current Events

Spot any underwings lately? Moth-ers – young and old, new and experienced – will be looking for underwings and other moth species at hundreds of private and public mothing events July 23-31. Online registration is in full swing with events already registered in 24 countries and 21 states.


Music of the Spheres
In the star bright night.
The dawn mist
Over the rivers.
The sighing of the wind
In lush green meadows…


I do not want to live
On an Earth
Without wolves and bears
And forests
And wild rivers


Many people have asked me lately why Kenya didn’t sell the ivory it has confiscated instead of destroying it, to get money and use it for conservation. Here are just a few selected reasons for why we should kill any trade in ivory, and why greed can’t save us.

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