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Animal sacrifice

Learn about the ritual animal sacrifice of Kaporos, which begins in only a few short days in New York City. There are hundreds of people ready to take a stand for the innocent victims, and you’re invited to join if you possibly can.


Despite the critical roles they have played in human history, donkeys are often the butt of jokes and garner little respect. Yet donkeys are in fact highly brilliant animals and enjoy a respectable position in ancient mythology.


Jewish worshipers chant every Sabbath morning, “The soul of every living being shall praise God’s name.” Yet, some come to synagogue during the winter months wearing fur coats that required the cruel treatment of living beings.

Animal sacrifice

According to Judaism, animals are part of God’s creation and people have special responsibilities to them. The Jewish tradition clearly indicates that we are forbidden to be cruel to animals and that we are to treat them with compassion.


In no other country is such brutal cruelty practiced against cattle as in India. India must take the effort to make cow slaughter a legal crime, disregarding the boundaries of the states.

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