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Animal People executive director Wolf Clifton recently traveled Indonesia visiting animal projects, prior to the Asia for Animals 2015 conference in Kuching, Malaysia. Highlights in this entry include: rescued wildlife, the absence of wilderness, dilemmas of predator and prey, and poisonous red-eyed primates!


Indonesia presently faces an epidemic of wild animals being captured and sold on the black market. This photo gallery exposes the suffering of captive animals in the Jatinegara and Pasty markets of Jakarta and Yogyakarta, as seen September 2015.


A wild animal’s status as endangered or non-endangered is irrelevant from an animal rights perspective. Conservation approaches are not going to be successful in resolving the fundamental problems of how animals and humans can share the earth.


During a January 1999 visit to the Tambopata-Candama Reserved Area in southeastern Peru, we were struck by the contrast between the Amazonian rainforest as it is and the image most people have of it.


Swim deep, little seal
Man is here
Here with his nets and his clubs
Your ballet of grace means nothing to him
Dive to the sunless sea and do not return…


When I walk in the woods,
I am at peace.
I am at home.

And, yet,
Sadness is always there
Because I know
In every thorn patch,
Every hillock,
Every thicket,
Hide living beings,
Shy and fearful
Of me and my fellow man….

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