Live Pigs Used as Crash Test Dummies in China


It has been widely reported by many major news outlets that the International Journal of Crashworthiness recently published findings of a study carried out at a hospital in China wherein live young pigs were used as crash test dummies.

The research, carried out by the Institute for Traffic Medicine (ITM), unsurprisingly killed almost half of the pigs used, leaving the others brutally injured and suffering for six hours before dying in pain.

Our coalition has come together as a united voice of 200 global expert animal welfare organizations and the millions of concerned people they represent, to let the relevant authorities in China know that the world is watching.

Live pigs cruelly used as crash test dummies. Image via Asia for Animals.

The ITM insisted they had followed United States guidelines on using laboratory animals, and said their study had been approved by an ethics committee. The appeal letter we sent points out, among other things, that the researchers obviously failed to carry out an adequate literature review into the latest research methods in this field of study. If they had bothered to check, they would have found that this method was shut down in the United States in the 1990s on the grounds of being both highly unethical and scientifically worthless.

Read our appeal letter to China’s Minister of Science and Technology in full here.

Featured image: young pigs. Image credit K-State Research and Extension, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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  1. Those people are sad cold hearted people with no hope People that can inflict pain on anybody ones with no voice the animals means they can hurt even a baby they deserve to be in a mental psychiatric facility permanently

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