California Residents: Don’t Miss Your Chance to Ban the Fur Industry in California


Written by Fleur Dawes

A historic bill that would ban the sale of fur in California, the first of its kind in the nation, will face its second test this coming Tuesday, March 26 in Sacramento as it goes to the Judiciary Committee for a vote. With California boasting the fifth largest economy in the world, this legislation would have a tremendous impact on more than a hundred million animals killed every year for their fur.

This critical bill, AB 44, provides an opportunity for California residents to stand up for foxes, mink, and even dogs and cats (who are often killed overseas for their fur, which is then used in products exported to the United States) in a powerful way.

If you live in one of the districts represented by a member of the Judiciary Committee, fur-bearing animals desperately need you now. Let your California State Representative know that you support AB 44 today.

If you live in a California district not represented on this Committee, attend the vote on March 26 and voice your support in person instead. When the time comes for your own Assemblymember to give their vote on AB 44, we know we can count on you to speak up for these animals.

You can quickly and easily find contact information for your one representative on the state level in the California Assembly by clicking this link and picking the California tab:

A full list of Judiciary Committee members can be found here. Please make sure your Representative is on the committee before you call.

A mink confined on a fur farm. Many animals like him need us to act to stop the fur trade. Image credit JMcArthur / The Ghosts in Our Machine.

What YOU Can Do:

Please do everything you can to make your voice heard in Sacramento before the vote! The fur industry is lobbying hard, so we need to let decision makers know the brutal fur trade is not in line with California’s values.

California residents only:

1. If your State Representative serves on the Judiciary Committee, please call your representative today to say you support AB 44. The vote is in just a few days, so phone calls made as soon as possible are the most valuable thing you can do for fur-bearing animals.

Once you have made your calls, please submit our letter if you have not already.

2. Whatever California district you live in, attend the vote at the State Capitol (1315 10th St, Sacramento, CA, Room 437) on Tuesday, March 26. The exact time the bill will be voted on can’t be guaranteed, so please be prepared to show up at 8:30 AM and possibly spend some time waiting with other supporters, who will be gathered there too. If you get the chance to speak directly to the Committee, you can simply say your name, your hometown, and that you strongly support the bill. Please be sure to be polite, and wear conservative clothing if possible. Whether you live in one of these districts or not, coming to the hearing makes a positive difference.

Give your representative a call now telling them that you are depending on them to support legislation banning fur, and we’ll be one step ahead of the fur industry when we win at the Capitol next week!

Contact if you are planning on attending the fur ban hearing on March 26 or have any questions about joining us to make fur history.

Featured image: a silver fox with a severe mouth disease confined on a fur farm. Image credit JMcArthur / The Ghosts in Our Machine.

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