Rescued Dog Demonstrates the Power of Love


Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that the world we live in is full of love. But it truly is. As Valentine’s Day approaches, we want to share a story of a dog named Aleeno, who showed his love and devotion to his human in a heartbreaking and inspiring way.

We received a call one day about a badly-injured dog. Nothing unusual there, it was one of several such calls that day alone. But the call about Aleeno was different. And as the caller spoke, a devastating love story emerged.

Aleeno’s owner had died a year previously. Since then, the caller told us, this heart-broken dog had refused to leave the front of the house, waiting in vain for his owner to return.

Neighbors tried to coax him with treats, but Aleeno would not move from his station at the front of the house. Eventually, people gave up trying to persuade him and instead, they started bringing him food every day.

Day and night, through sunshine and rain, month after month, Aleeno waited for his owner to return.
This is love.

And then one day, Aleeno was gone. Neighbors looked everywhere, but this beautiful, loyal boy had disappeared. Weeks later, when everyone had given up, Aleeno showed up again. He had a horrific wound on his neck.

That’s when we got the phone call.

Aleeno spent weeks in the care of our vets, and thanks to our team and our supporters, he has now made a full recovery. I hope that some day soon, he will find another special human to love as much as he did his owner.

Despite all Aleeno went through, he is one of the lucky ones. Because even as I write these words, other animals are suffering and urgently need a safe haven. They too deserve love and compassion, and to experience the unbreakable bond that Aleeno had with his owner.

Featured image: Aleeno shortly after his rescue. This image and all images in this story credited to Soi Dog Foundation.

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Soi Dog Foundation (Soi Dog) was established in 2003 in Phuket, Thailand, to help the street dogs and cats who had no-one else to care for them. Soi Dog was created to provide a humane and sustainable solution to managing the stray population and to address their medical needs. Click to see author's profile.

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