Partnering to heal India’s working equines


Since 2007, Animal Aid Abroad (AAA) has been dedicated to improving the lives of working animals, particularly in the poorest communities in the world.  Our first priority is always direct intervention to relieve suffering and abuse. We partner with local organisations to provide veterinary clinics to treat sick and injured working animals, educate local communities, and provide much needed shelter, food, water, medical supplies, and care to suffering animals.

One of the many groups AAA partners with is Friendicoes India, who work tirelessly to improve the health and lives of working equines in their area. Frendicoes uses their Mobile Equine Ambulance to treat equines in and around Delhi. Tripling in size since 1979, Their Equine Team has over 2,500 working equines in its care. AAA supports Friendicoes’ mobile equine clinic, para-vet equine program, and their sanctuary, where many rescued equines live.

Some of the cases that Friendicoes have dealt with lately include a damaged jugular vein during a road accident with a truck; a shoulder injury inflicted by a collision with a motorbike; a leg injury due to a fall while pulling a cart, and an abscess in the neck area. One horse sustained lacerations on all four legs from razor wire while he was grazing for food. This horse was quite emaciated and in poor health, so healing will be a slow process for him.

A common problem Friendicoes encounters is that owners will treat their animals’ injuries themselves with inappropriate methods and substances that only makes the issues worse. To remedy this, part of the work Friendicoes does is to educate the owners about the correct care for their animals and the importance of seeking proper medical care when required.

Friendicoes recently rescued a donkey and her foal who had been abandoned on a highway. Both had damage to their hooves in an apparent accident with a vehicle. They were transported to the Friendicoes sanctuary for treatment and shelter. Friendicoes also were able to rescue and retire two old horses: one 18 year old who retired from work with the border security force, and the other, a 21 year old ex-police horse.

We are so grateful for the support of Animal Aid Abroad donors, who help to facilitate the important work done by Friendicoes and many other similar organisations around the world. To sign up to our mailing list and learn more about Animal Aid Abroad and our many partner groups globally, visit our website.

Featured image: Chaya, a resident at the Friendicoes Gurgaon Sanctuary in New Delhi, India. This image and all images in this article are property of Animal Aid Abroad/Friendicoes.

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