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The Africa Animal Welfare Conference 2018, to be held in Nairobi, Kenya, on September 3rd-5th, will be themed ‘People, Animals and Planet: One Health, One Welfare.’ This conference is organized by Africa Network for Animal Welfare (ANAW) and co-partners, and is being co-hosted by UN Environment and the Government of Kenya. 

Objectives of the Conference

  • Mainstreaming and increasing the relevance of animal welfare in the United Nations and member states across Africa. Additionally, supporting and advising stakeholders involved in the Africa Platform for Animal Welfare.
  • Gap analysis and identification of challenges facing animal welfare policy implementation across Africa.
  • Finally, generating an effective and well-informed caucus of animal welfare stakeholders cognizant of existing gaps in policies and legislation in most African countries. This caucus would then be in a strategic position to influence discussions within governments and intergovernmental organizations on animal welfare and environment while representing their respective communities.


To achieve these objectives, several approaches will be taken. These can be summarized as:


Veterinarian checks donkey, Egypt. Image credit: Kim Bartlett – Animal People, Inc.

  • Disseminating information and sensitizing civil society organizations and other animal welfare stakeholders on animal welfare agenda development in Africa and its nexus with environmental pollution, degradation, and development.
  • Providing up to date information on developments and scientific research related to animal welfare technologies and mitigation of environmental degradation.
  • Discussing the implications for community involvement in environmental and animal welfare issues in Africa.
  • Identifying and developing interventions, resolutions and guidelines on how to address animal welfare and environmental conservation challenges in Africa.


Expected outcomes and outputs:

  • Increased support and development for functional infrastructure to support animal welfare policies and environmental policies in states across Africa.
  • Implementation of agreements, strategies and initiatives developed in consensus by represented states or institutions.
  • Creation of policy documents that will inform and contribute to policy development forums and institutions across Africa. These will guide decisions on economic, infrastructural, legal and even social aspects of governments, state agencies, civil society, research and training institutions and the private sector.
  • Support for aim 1 of the Animal Welfare Strategy for Africa section 4.5: “Developing the capacity of national and regional institutions to coordinate cross-country and cross-regional animal welfare improvement efforts and forging partnerships with a range of stakeholders including the private sector, farming communities, regional organizations, international organizations and the donor community.”


Key issues posing as challenges to animal welfare and environmental protection, arising from the discussions in AAWC 2017, to be addressed in 2018 will broadly range from:

Man feeds dogs, Kenya SPCA. Image credit: Kim Bartlett – Animal People, Inc.

  • Effects of climate change on animal welfare
  • Environmental and wildlife crimes
  • Marine and companion animal welfare
  • Humane education/animal welfare education
  • Emerging infectious diseases and anti-microbial resistance
  • Disaster response and management
  • Connection between community, sustainable development and animal welfare
  • Analysis of environmental and economic crimes
  • Impacts of exploration and mining around/in protected areas



Target audience:
The Conference targets 300 participants. It will provide a unique opportunity for animal welfare and environmental conservation civil society groups, non-governmental organizations, government institutions, relevant stakeholders and interest groups including researchers, policymakers, media, law enforcement agents and development practitioners from across Africa.

The registration deadline is August 21st. Please click here to register today. For more information, see the conference website here.

Featured image: 2017 AAW Conference. Image credit AAW Conference.

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