POETRY: Call to Arms


All the rains of the Universe
Will not sweeten this little planet.

This evil cancer
Exxon, Monsanto,
Rasytheon, Union Carbide,
Weyerhauser, Hyundai,
Mitsubishi, Maxxam,
Ciba-Geigy, Merck,
Wall St.
Plundering, raping,
Poisoning, killing.

The music of the Universe,
Birds, waves, breezes,
The beauty of flowers, fruit
Humans, animals, fish, forests
Dying, lingering.

Wake! – Act! – Live!
This stupor is Death.


Mary de La Valette
Feb 1997

(Featured image: young Bornean orangutans at the Samboja Lestari rehabilitation center outside Balikpapan, Indonesia, likely orphaned by deforestation caused by the palm oil industry. Courtesy Wolf Gordon Clifton – Animal People, Inc.)

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