POETRY: The Great Symphony


(Featured image: bearded seal in Arctic. Credit Allan Hopkins, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Dawn breaks.
The chorus begins
The leaves rustle
The wind plays.
The mourning dove’s plaint
A far-off chickadee
The raven’s guttural call
The woodpecker drums.
The great sighs of the breeze.
The lion’s roar
The elephant’s trumpet
The humpback’s song.
Violins soar in the sun
And the flute of the poplar is heard.
The pianissimo of swift, deep rivers
Joins the great hum of life.

The hush and the roar.
A storm makes its entrance
The drums thunder
The cymbals crash.
The rain falls
Like a shower of diamonds.
The ocean is black and wild.

Andante cantabile.
Sun on white ice
Polar bears and harp seals
The age-old dance of Life
Slowly plays out.

Waves of sound
The beat of tiny wings
And seagulls crying
Sibelius’ swans
Vaughan-Williams lark
All swell the jubilation
A crescendo of joy
In the symphony of Life
A symphony of a thousand voices
Conducted from
The great beating heart
Of Gaia,
Calling us home


Mary de La Valette December 2016

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