POETRY: Satori


(Featured image: monkey atop Tibetan Buddhist stupa in Kathmandu, Nepal. Courtesy Wolf Clifton – Animal People, Inc.)

And the giant, silent Buddha
With eyes of leaden, emerald fire
Quietly said:
You have had your chance
And you have failed
From the face of the Earth.
You have poisoned, raped and murdered.
You are not
What I am looking for.
I am looking for
A shepherd
To love and cherish
My Creation.’

And so it was.

And Earth
Grew green again.
And the voices of the turtle
And the wolf
And dolphins
Leaped again through the foam.
And hawks swooped
From the heavens.
And all rejoiced.

And the Buddha said:
‘It is all
In the end
A matter of Love.’


Mary de La Valette
January 1988

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