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Guardian of the Forest
Some say Creator of Mankind.
What do you think
About the destruction of your forests?

Animal sacrifice

In this booklet, sponsored by Animal People and endorsed by Al-Azhar University, Dr. Kristen Stilt shows the amazing range of animal welfare and protection required by Islamic law, and asks Muslims to follow the rules of animal welfare that the religion requires.

Animals in Research

Have you ever seen the rays of the sun seep through the cracks of the trees and their leaves in a forest? That was who she was, a ray of hope through the challenges placed before me. Who was she? A horse used in the name of ‘science’, but rejected once she became ‘useless’. Broken, hurt and lost.


I picked up the cat, now named Bells, and told her that we would fix her. She looked at me with those sad eyes and did not retaliate when I placed her into the pet carrier. Who on earth would do such a thing to a cat? Yes you had the guts, but how in the world does one manage to have the heart?