POETRY: Song for the Earth


(Featured image credit Pete Lanman, used under CC BY-ND 2.0)

Music of the Spheres
In the star bright night.
The dawn mist
Over the rivers.
The sighing of the wind
In lush green meadows.
Soft Spring rain.
Crashing of the waves
On rocky shores.
Laughter of the coyote
In echoing canyons.
Howl of the wolf
In the boreal forest.
Croaking of the bullfrog
In the black pond’s night.
Trumpeting of the elephant
On the savannah.
Song of the humpback
For the blue ocean.
The cry of the snow geese
Winging their way North.
The dance of the fireflies
In midsummer’s night.
The chirping of the sparrows
In our stone dead cities.
The beat of the eagle’s wings.
The gannet’s dive.
The soft down of the swallow’s nest.
Leaping dolphins.
The innocence of the harp seal.
The Mysteries of the mountains
The singing of the rivers
In this good green Earth.

The miracle of it all.

I drown in beauty.

You can still hear it
Singing for all of us
Singing for the Earth.
The symphony of their voices
Is the Song for the Earth.

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