POETRY: Benedictus


(Featured image: rams waiting to be slaughtered for Eid al-Adha, the Muslim festival of sacrifice. Credit TheAnimalDay.org, used under CC BY 2.0)

In the image of God
We poison and trap.
In the image of God
We build bombs.
In the image of God
We plunder and rape
The oceans and forests and skies.

Unveil that face
That gave us Dominion
To kill and conquer and burn
Whose hymns of praise
Are sung from books
That are bound in blood and skin.
A God of power
Whose face, unmasked,
Is not of love and peace.

In the image of Earth
There is no Dominion
A higher law prevails.
We are part of Earth’s love story
No more,
No less, apart.
Moving, growing to Her rhythms
Pulsing with Her blood,
As significant
As the lichen,
As mysterious
As the sea.

We are all Earth.


Mary de La Valette

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