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Kim Michelle Broderick / OWAP-AR

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Saint Molf, France


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IBB ZOO, Yemen:
Abandoned by the war-destitute local Public Authority, this desperate zoo has 58 captive endangered and range species struggling to survive..One World Actors Productions -Animal Rescues French Non-Profit, sole animalitarian Charity operating on-site in Yemen,  is keeping them all alive with emergency supplies and veterinary care…4 Lion cubs and 2 Striped Hyena pups were born last month, too!…OWAP-AR needs the World’s help to combat the 6th Extinction and rally to their pioneering Cause..!

Combatting extinction, securing Ibb Zoo Lions fencing , thereby offering a safe, humane asylum for our Taiz Zoo Big Cats too, and providing food and water relief, this current Rescue ‘kills 2 birds with 1 stone’… These hungry Ibb Zoo animals were escaping from their damaged open-range enclosures in desperate search of food and being shot dead by local villagers . One World Actors Productions- Animal Rescues has now SAVED the 7 remaining Lions by building them a secure , spacious double enclosure with a roof to shelter them from the rain and sun….BUT now we’ve GOT to save them from starvation FAST!
How can we possibly abandon these desperate Lions, Striped Hyenas, Ocelot, Sacred Hamadryas Baboons, Arabian Caracal, rare Raptors, Camels, Horses, Geese, Donkeys and Arabian Partridge,  left to starve at defunct Ibb Zoo in the midst of a brutal civil war?  … With your vital help, we can continue to keep them alive with emergency food and water and secure the open-range enclosure for their own protection and welfare. By reviving and holding the fort for Ibb Zoo for the duration of the War, we can then transfer some of the enduring Predators from overcrowded Taiz Zoo, south of Ibb and release them from the cruel confinement of their concrete prison cells to the open-range safehouse here at Ibb Zoo !
Dedicating my entire life since February 2016 to rescuing Yemen’s iconic, endangered World Heritage animals at Taiz and Ibb Zoos, as well as running the Arabian Police Horses & Farm Animals Rescue Mission & Stray Animals Rescue Shelter in Yemen’s embargoed capital of Sana’a, I, One World Actors Productions-Animal Rescues President, remain committed to stand by my moral duty as a British Queen’s Guide and to rally all animal lovers around the Planet in support of this Animal ‘red cross’ for Yemen !” – Kim Michelle Broderick Ba Hons.

Issues of Interest

Zoos and aquariums, Conservation, Humane farming, Companion animals, Spay and neuter, Animal shelters, Food production, Environmentalism, Dogs, Cats, Livestock, Working animals, Wild animals, Marine animals, Mammals, Birds, Reptiles and amphibians