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  • Are bees going the way of the dodo? We certainly hope not. Humans are having a massive impact on the planet, and the animals with whom we share an environment are suffering for it. Bees are disappearing in droves, […]

    • It would be nice to make a distinction between the honey bees and wild bees. Wild bees actually pollinate far more crops than the honey bee but are somehow being left aside because people don’t harvest their honey (or at least for most species). In fact honey bees compete for food with the wild bees, yet most beekeepers know very little about how useful wild bees are are because they are fixated on getting honey.

      Some methods of bee keeping are also less demanding on bees than others. For example Warre hives where the bees get to keep more of their own honey which also offers them protection against disease.

      With regard to plants bees love flowers in the blue spectrum and prefer simple flowers.

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