Animal People, Inc.



Animal People, Inc.




About Us

ANIMAL PEOPLE is an animal rights charitable organization dedicated to the principle that animals’ lives have intrinsic value apart from human interests. We believe there is an urgent need to cultivate human compassion for the other creatures with whom we share the earth. To that end, ANIMAL PEOPLE seeks to further animal advocacy by providing a global forum in which people who care about animals can speak and be heard.

Issues of Interest

Animal agriculture, Working animals, Animals in research, Bloodsports, Hunting and fishing, Animals in religion, Animal ethics and philosophy, Zoos and aquariums, Conservation, Vegetarianism, Veganism, Animal sacrifice, Humane farming, Animals in entertainment, Animals in popular culture, Humane education, Zoology, Animal cognition, Companion animals, Spay and neuter, Animal shelters, Food production, Environmentalism, Dogs, Cats, Rodents, Livestock, Working animals, Nuisance animals, Wild animals, Marine animals, Mammals, Birds, Reptiles and amphibians, Fish, Invertebrates, Human rights / social justice