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The fourth conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade (IWT) in London this week has seen high-level participation from governments, NGOs, and the private sector, focusing the attention of the international community on commitments to tackle IWT as a form of serious organised crime.

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In the wake of two recent untimely orca deaths among the already-endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales, Lifeforce offers six ways to help protect the remaining orcas from the many anthropogenic threats they face today.


Friends of the Earth Malaysia calls for improvements in how Malaysia’s authorities respond to wildlife crimes. Malaysia is one of the top ten smuggling hubs in its region, and several factors converge to enable the illegal wildlife trade to continue to thrive in the country.


Over the course of his decades-long commitment to animal activism, Davies founded the IFAW, PAL, and NFA. The odds of one person building three globally influential organizations in one lifetime is almost zero—but it happened anyway.

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