Yearly Archives: 2018

Companion Animals

Founding Vafa ran counter to the dominant culture and it was thus not taken seriously. When people heard of what Vafa did for dogs, their response was likely to be mockery or even disbelief. Without water or electricity, without financial backing and with limited human resources, it had to face many difficulties in the beginning. But things changed.

Animal sacrifice

Learn about the ritual animal sacrifice of Kaporos, which begins in only a few short days in New York City. There are hundreds of people ready to take a stand for the innocent victims, and you’re invited to join if you possibly can.


Compassion for hoarders is not misplaced if you recognize that most of them are in desperate need of psychological help. What hoarders do not need is the type of sympathy and support that enables them to continue harboring and acquiring even more animals.


HeARTs Speak is an organization comprised of more than 600 artists working hard to give every shelter animal a chance of being adopted. Their motto says it best: “Creating a world where no shelter animal goes unseen.” 

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