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Going vegan isn’t something that will happen en masse or suddenly. But at least thinking about it? Acknowledging the problem? Trying to see where our own inconsistencies lie? These things are for everyone. These things are essential to set up the scaffolding for an era when we can start to repair the damage we’ve done.

Animals in Research

Learning about the torture animals endure to create medicines in laboratories was like a punch in the gut. So it’s no surprise that when I had to deal with some very dire health issues of my own, I would look for any possible alternative to utilizing a system that oppresses and kills other species.


While there is no dearth of self-help titles, books on animal activism, or on veganism, there didn’t appear to be any one book that spoke to all three areas. That’s why I decided to write my own book, called Animal Persuasion.

Animal sacrifice

In this booklet, sponsored by Animal People and endorsed by Al-Azhar University, Dr. Kristen Stilt shows the amazing range of animal welfare and protection required by Islamic law, and asks Muslims to follow the rules of animal welfare that the religion requires.

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