• Kim Bartlett posted an update 3 years, 8 months ago

    It hurts to be boiled alive, which is scientific fact for crustaceans. As long as killing them is what we do to unwelcome migrant creatures (and often people, too), there is little hope that humans will develop a more humane ethic that will allow us to live lighter on the earth and learn to share it with the other animals. If environmental organizations were really serious about protecting ecosystems from invasive species, they would have been working harder to prohibit the legal and illegal trafficking in wild and domesticated species, including for hunting, fur farming, agricultural production, and the pet trade. If animals escape or are released, it is hardly their fault they end up in an exotic environment. If they happen to prey upon or outcompete the current inhabitants, well, those inhabitants probably preyed upon or outcompeted some other inhabitants in the distant past, and that’s just nature, isn’t it? Species migration is a major driver of evolution, and since we haven’t a clue what the environment of any region of the earth is going to be like even within the next 20 years, it’s mighty arrogant to assume that we know best what species have the right to exist where.