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Animal sacrifice

It is an utter shame that India dares call itself a ‘progressive’ nation after ignoring the infliction of such brutal acts on such a noble, simple and pious animal once worshipped in this country.


The demand for donkey skins, supposedly for medicinal purposes, continues in South Africa. The NSPCA has uncovered another horrific donkey killing site where hundreds of donkeys were illegally and brutally slaughtered on a farm in Olifantshoek.


Fascism is distinguished for its unilateral proclamations of superiority by a certain race or breed, endowing said race with the “right” to dominate, exploit, and annihilate at will any group deemed “inferior.” If that doesn’t describe eloquently our despicable behavior toward non-human animals, I don’t know what does.


One day in November 1982, I went out in a powered boat to the Orkney Isles to protest against the annual Grey Seal Cull. On the way, an American photographer had asked me to tell her all about Selchies, seals that can change into humans (or humans that can change into seals) when the moon is full.

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