VIDEO: Who’s the Animal?


Ever since I was a little girl I remember liking animals. I once made my Mum walk three miles back to where I had found a spider because I didn’t want it to lose it’s children. When we are children we are compassionate and somewhere as we get older we lose our ability to feel and relate to others. But I believe the human race is naturally empathetic but our greed is what destroys us.

About a year ago I stumbled across “Earthlings” and shocked at my ignorant behaviour I began to cry for hours upon end. I vowed to never eat meat again and became incredibly upset and saddened by my own actions. I began to feel like I had lost faith and understanding in life and it felt as if nothing mattered.

I study film production but I began to feel as if the films I was making were shallow in a world that allows such suffering to happen. That’s when I heard about BBC RAW and decided to do something about it.

With BBC Raw’s support, this is the film I made:

If nothing in this world matters then all we do is what matters.

Please share this video as I want to spread the word and change perceptions.

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