Meet the Staff

KIM BARTLETT - President 

Kim Bartlett and Dennis 2000Kim Bartlett is a veteran of 40+ years in animal rights advocacy. She earned humanitarian service awards from various animal welfare organizations in Texas for volunteer efforts in the 1970s and ’80s. In 1986, Kim left Texas to become editor of The Animals’ Agenda magazine, a position she held until 1992, when she co-founded Animal People. Her interest in international animal affairs brought Animal People into the forefront of humane outreach to the developing world. While anthropologist Margaret Mead was known for teaching that "a small group of committed people can change the world," Kim believes that runaway human population growth has rendered one-person-at-a-time activism futile. Says Kim, "The growth of the human population in the developing world has outstripped our efforts at awareness building, ever since the rise of the modern animal rights movement in the 1970s. Only in countries with relatively stable populations has the animal rights movement sustained a lasting effect. Mass media, now including online social media, is essential for educating people and effecting change on a global scale." Recent paradigm shifts in human attitudes toward animals - startling and unpredicted shifts - including the Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness, in which leading neuroscientists joined to declare the consciousness of animals, and Pope Francis’ encyclical, "Care for Our Common Home," which calls for kindness toward animals and an entirely different understanding of “dominion,” give Kim hope that a completely new human relationship with animals lies somewhere ahead of us.  

WOLF GORDON CLIFTON - Executive Director 

ASTBIO - Wolf pressure experimentBorn and raised within the animal rights movement, Wolf Gordon Clifton has always felt strongly connected to other creatures and concerned for their well-being. Beginning in childhood he contributed drawings of animals for publication in Animal People News, and traveled with his parents to attend conferences and visit animal projects all over the world. During high school he began writing for the newspaper and contributing in various additional ways around the Animal People office. His first solo trip overseas, to film a promotional video for the Bali Street Dog Foundation in Indonesia, led him to create the animated film Yudisthira's Dog, retelling the story of an ancient Hindu king famed for his loyalty to a street dog. It also inspired lifelong interests in animation and world religion, which he went on to study for college at Vanderbilt University. Wolf graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies and minors in Film Studies and Astronomy. In 2015, he received a Master of Arts in Museology and Graduate Certificate in Astrobiology from the University of Washington. His thesis project, the online exhibit Beyond Human: Animals, Aliens, and Artificial Intelligence, brings together animal rights, astrobiology, and AI research to explore the ethics of humans' relationships with other sentient beings, and can be viewed on the Animal People Forum. His diverse training and life experiences enable him to research and write about a wide variety of animal-related issues, in a global context and across the humanities, arts, and sciences. In his spare time, he does paleontological work for the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, and writes for the community blog Neon Observatory.

DYLAN FOREST - Archivist and Photo Editor

Dylan has been an animal lover since childhood, and today he considers this connection to other animals to be an integral component of his personality and worldview.  Before joining Animal People as Archivist, he was a student at the University of Washington, where in 2015 he earned a Bachelor of Arts with majors in both Anthropology and Comparative History of Ideas. During his time at UW he was able to bring his interest in human-animal relationships into his academic work, including by conducting a study at Woodland Park Zoo on interactions between human visitors and orangutans. He hopes to continue to build upon this experience by focusing his future academic work on a critical analysis of primatology, particularly the strong and persisting influence of human exceptionalism on the way primatological research is done today.  Whatever he is working on, he remains committed to challenging social hierarchies and questioning abuses of power, including those that occur between humans and other species. In his spare time he enjoys spending time outside, especially camping and hiking.

ANITA MAYANGPUSPA - Social Media Coordinator

Anita has always sensed her own interconnectedness with other creatures, despite growing up in a community desensitized to animal suffering. Anita became a spokesperson for animals in Indonesia, forming her own group in 2007, which was one of the earliest animal welfare groups in the country. She has also volunteered with Jakarta Animal Aid Network and several other organizations. Anita graduated from Institut Teknologi Bandung with a major in Visual Communication Design in 2007, followed by a Post Graduate from University of Birmingham in Strategic Marketing and Consulting in 2010. These contribute to Anita’s work focus, which revolves around the research, educational and marketing side of the movement, including contribution on mass spay and neuter projects in Indonesia. Anita’s extensive background in the media industry and lifelong interests in animal rights and welfare are what ultimately brought her to Animal People. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, occasional dancing, and just being the global citizen she is.