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Jewish worshipers chant every Sabbath morning, “The soul of every living being shall praise God’s name.” Yet, some come to synagogue during the winter months wearing fur coats that required the cruel treatment of living beings.


It is not hard to identify similarities between women’s rights issues and animal rights issues. FIAPO believes that the end of sexist objectification, and recognition of equality of women, logically extends to animals too.


“On January 23rd 2018, the South African Department of Environmental  Affairs (DEA) set out its non-detriment findings (NDF) for the African lion. This is of extreme importance to the hunting industry, since without an NDF, no lion hunts would be allowed and no lion trophies could be exported.”

Animal sacrifice

According to Judaism, animals are part of God’s creation and people have special responsibilities to them. The Jewish tradition clearly indicates that we are forbidden to be cruel to animals and that we are to treat them with compassion.


Look at the world and think
With choice would you want
To rejoice with us in the stink
Of this overcrowded land?

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