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Animal sacrifice

It is an utter shame that India dares call itself a ‘progressive’ nation after ignoring the infliction of such brutal acts on such a noble, simple and pious animal once worshipped in this country.


Philosopher Tom Regan, one of the intellectual founders of the modern animal rights movement, passed away on February 17th, 2017. Regan argued against the view that only human beings, and not other animals, deserve moral consideration.


As flashlights blind the eyes of an onlooker, sighting an apparition unexpectedly can leave one numb and senseless. He lay quite unconcerned less than two metres away, basking in the warm glory of a gentle winter. “That’s the King,” whispered our guide. “The King Cobra.”


Such are the benefits the cow provides to humanity, that the ancient Hindu scriptures define the cow as the “Mother of all civilizations”. It is the responsibility of all humans to contribute to the mighty task of cattle protection in today’s world.


Global problems need global solutions, without which efforts to save wildlife, halt climate change, and live sustainably are doomed to failure. Only a radical re-think of the way we live will enable us to live sustainably and in harmony with nature.

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